Late in September of 2012, a young man proposed to my dear friend and younger sister. They decided to have their wedding in the Greater Seattle area, where she grew up and where her extended family would be able to attend, as the gentleman’s family was more able to fly from around the US. Both families are large and very involved, requiring a large, complex wedding. The difficulty was that the bride and groom live in Japan, and the bride’s immediate family (besides myself) lives in Idaho. The bride asked me to plan the wedding. She knew I was not only highly organized by nature and more than willing due to our close relationship, but I was also the only person in the vicinity. I took on the challenge!

It was a very full, very fun year of planning, shopping, assembling, recruiting, budgeting, scheduling, tracking, sourcing, editing, and coordinating. There were a lot of phone calls, emails, and overseas video chats. I also got to do a bit of graphic design, branding, PR, marketing, and team leadership. While there were several small things that didn’t go perfectly, the event as a whole was a monumental success. Everyone had fun, the vendors were fantastic and all thanked me for using them, the guests were delighted, and most importantly, so were the bride and groom and their families.

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