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Custom Art Logos & Branding Kits

Custom brands by Bizzy start with good, old-fashioned graphite and a sketchbook. This time honored artistic media produces designs that are personal, warm, timeless, and truly unique.

These logos are fully YOURS. Inspired by your story, your values, and the stories and values of your customers. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about copycats, or copyright issues.

Nothing can bring life to the soul of your business like an original art logo.

Once the overall design is settled, these logos are converted into fully scalable vector artwork, colorized with stunning digital color, and accented with rich, complimentary typography.

A simple branding package includes logo exports in multiple file types and sizes, a set of monochrome logo variations, vector files, font files, style and grad usage guide, and two ready-to-use templates (social media post, letterhead, email signature, etc).  See Custom Design Suites below for how a branding kit can be expanded.

That sounds Gorgeous! I’m in!

All design projects start with a Free Discovery Call.

Tell me about your business, your clients, your story; ask me about the design process and keys to success with a custom art logo project!

Custom Design Suites

Get a set of beautiful, strategic assets that can be used and reused across multiple platforms and media. Perfect for full branding projects, events, or product campaigns.

Each design suite has a unique timeline and set of deliverables based on your needs.

Idaho Council of Catholic Women

Hand drawn custom logo.

Nazareth Retreat Center

Hand Drawn Custom Logo.

Resilient Catholic

Hand Drawn Custom Logo.

Custom logo.

Idaho Catholic Women's Conference.

Event campaign including: theme, website, posters, social media, and event program.

Design Suites often include:

  • New or refreshed logos in multiple file formats and sizes, including both full color and monochrome options;
  • Central image and title;
  • Style guide with your color palette, font selections, font alternatives, messaging and punctuation guides;
  • Templates for things like letterhead, email signatures, and social media posts, ads, and headers;
  • Additional companion assets such as transition or accent graphics for posters or websites;
  • Posters or other printed collateral;
  • And other website media.

Design Suites, such as branding kits or event campaigns, generally take a minimum of 6–8 weeks, but deliverables depend greatly on the scale of the project and whether it includes printed collateral.

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Why Design by Bizzy?

I bring a few special skills to the table to ensure strategic success in your design project.

Custom artwork -

A majority of my designs begin with good old fashioned pencil and paper, and end as scalable vector artwork usable on any format at any size! Best of all? Nothing will communicate your charism or capture your audience as well as something designed just for you!

Copyright Protection -

I will never, ever, use a copyrighted image or font without obtaining the license first. If you bring me an image you aren’t positive you’ve licensed, I will hunt that thing down like a bloodhound to ensure you never find yourself in court or reading a cease-and-desist. Rest assured! Anything I design or build for you is copyrighted to you as work for hire (I retain license to include all projects in my portfolio).

I represent your audience -

There are very few target market avatars that I cannot identify with from front row if not personal experience. I approach every design decision– from fonts to colors to placement to drop shadows and transparencies–from the perspective of how it will affect your audience. THEY are my real client; not you.

Strategic Vision -

I make sure each piece does exactly what you need it to. What kind of conversions do you want from this piece? Let’s make that happen. More than that: is this the right piece for what you are trying to accomplish?

This is part of why every design project begins with consulting!

Details -

I once had a music director who would call a halt to a rehearsal with a full choir, worship team, brass section, two drum sets, and about 5 guitars, and say “[Second bassist], you need to move your third finger down a fret.” Through all the (beautiful!) noise of a full rehearsal with that many moving parts he was able to hone in on the single note on the single musician that needed adjusting.

This is me with design. I can look at anything and know immediately how it can be better, even if that “better” is reducing the opacity of a single drop shadow by 3% so it goes from distracting to highlighting, or moving a paragraph 10 pixels to the left because that placement guides the reader’s flow through the page more easily. I am committed to every detail loyally portraying the beauty of your offer!

Faith -

I specifically work with Catholic and faith-based entities because I have more value to offer in this space. My faith background is long, informed, and highly developed, allowing me to draw out not just a pretty picture that captures attention, but to use branding and marketing to reveal your charism, the deep truth and beauty of what you are all about, in ways that bring forth and honor the faith we—and your audienceshare.