Valor Design & Consulting

by Bizzy Schorr.

Good alignment, True insights, and Beautiful design.

Meeting branding & marketing needs of catholic and faith-based entities through consultation & design services.


Your BRAND Reveals Your Charism

 As faith-centered business owners, our work, including the image (branding!) associated with that work, should reflect not only the best that we have to offer, but the best that GOD has to offer, and we cannot afford to sell either of those things short.  That means our offers have to be good, our communication has to be true, and our image has to be beautiful.

This isn’t just feel good faith talk; it’s also good business! When you brand and your charism (you could also say, identity, vision, etc) are aligned, Another word for this is alignment. Offers, marketing, brand materials all need to be in alignment with your charism, or in business speak, with your vision for your business.


Get Valorous!

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Let’s talk about your business! What’s working? What isn’t working? How can we fix that?

Consults range from cold-consults with off-the-cuff feedback, to full VIP journeys that include branding and design services. 



Does your brand match your charism? Do your clients know what you stand for? Does your offer reveal what you bring to the world?

Brand consulting with Bizzy explores how your brand is aligned—or not!—with your charism. All levels of consulting give you a strategy document to help make marketing decisions moving forward.


Business collateral should be beautiful.

Beauty captures our attention. It speaks to us in ways we can hardly define. It DEMANDS our attention!

Love your audience; give them something beautiful!

Hi! I'm Bizzy Schorr

And I am a Woman of Valor.

I designed my first logo at 15. In the two + decades since then and founding Valor Design & Consulting, I worked and volunteered in a variety of fields, but always kept my design skills sharp. In 2013 I completed a Master of Communications in Digital Medai at the University of Washington, focusing on business, marketing, and communciation. You know the most important thing I learned? I knew this already…

And that’s why I started Valor Design & Consulting. 

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