Idaho Catholic Women’s Conference 2021 – Beloved

September 11, 2021
Salt & Light Radio
Idaho Catholic Women's Conference 2021 -- Beloved
This campaign was so fun to design! This is our first campaign whose design does NOT center around a stock image. This graphic was 100% handmade by Bizzy. Like all her art, it began as a sketch, then was rebuild digitally. This campaign featured a greater variety of images than any other. We have a series of mini campaigns or products with variations: a series of testimonies from past attendees, postcards in different colors, and most excitingly, a series of social media posts featuring a Screwtape style letter written for us by a fan! Despite the continuing impacts of covid, this conference was a hairs breadth from sold out, and received excellent responses from attendees, speakers, etc. Bizzy also planned, furnished, and set up the mother's room off the main conference room.