Charmed, I’m Sure!

I designed my first logo at 15. For the past 20+ years I’ve been honing my skills in a wide range of industries, gathering experience in design, branding, writing, editing, and content & marketing strategy, in the worlds of established businesses, start ups, non-profits, and ministries in industries as far removed as healthcare and publishing.

In 2020 my ad designs were featured in Publisher’s Weekly (the leading trade magazine for publishers and authors) and in 2021 one of my campaigns was chosen among “The Best BookBub Ads of 2021. Since 2019 I have designed all the marketing for the Idaho Catholic Women’s Conference and for the Men’s Conference since 2020.

Bizzy Trivia

– Home: Treasure Valley, Idaho

– Temperament: Sanguine/Choleric

– Family: Married 2008; 2 beautiful kids!

– Can’t live without: Tea, Books, a Quality Oven

– Patron Saints: St Catherine of Sienna, St Gabriel, Mary Undoer of Knots, St Hildegard von Bingen, St Faustina

I am passionate about the gift and power of beauty!

Beauty is found is the strangest of places, including marketing. I firmly believe that no one should ever “settle” for a faith-based provider just because they are faith based! Quite the contrary! Faith-based companies should be as compelling and attractive (more, actually) than non faith-based companies. Whether you are a business or a non-profit your offer has extreme value, and you as its creator are worthy of excellent marketing that reflects that value

My desire for YOU is that your marketing is so effective, so compelling & beautiful that even those who aren’t your target market will look at it twice.

Idaho Council of Catholic Women

Hand drawn custom logo.

Beloved - ICWC 2021

Custom Digital Logo.

Resilient Catholic

Hand Drawn Custom Logo.

Custom logo.

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