In the Spring of 2013, I took a Law and Policy class focused on copyright, licensing, negotiations, and content policies. For my final project, I created a website essay overviewing legislation affecting mobile health innovations.

Navigating mHealth Legislation

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Mobile technology is everywhere. Every year it seems our mobile devices can do exponentially more than they could a year ago, and we have more devices and platforms to do it on. While most of us use mobile devices as tools for entertainment, productivity, or social interaction, the most exciting developments in mobile technology are those that affect real change in the lives of real people. Few areas of life have as deep an impact physically, emotionally, or financially as healthcare.

However, healthcare legislation affects the development and adoption of mHealth solutions. From talking with a variety of mHealth developers and medical professionals, I have identified 5 key legal hurdles for mHealth. This site aims to give a helpful overview of these laws, explain how they affect mHealth, and provide resources to navigate these challenges.

       What is “mHealth”?

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