Consulting with Bizzy Schorr

What is your top concern or frustration with your business? What is your biggest question mark? 


Cold Consult

45 minutes; focused on a specific problem or 35,000 ft overview. 

Warm Consult

One hour’ longer report with discussion summary and points for moving forward; preliminary review of market data, brand and marketing samples.

Ice Breaker

Need something different? Not sure what you need or if Bizzy is the right fit? Schedule a FREE 30 minute Ice Breaker consult to connect with Bizzy and learn more about how she can help  you.

12 Week VIP Design & Consulting Journey

Journey’s don’t require guides–but they tend to go much faster (and more safely) with them. A VIP “trip” with Bizzy will help you find clarity and alignment between your corporate identity and your corporate image, golden opportunities to increase your value to your clients, and solutions to pain points and bottlenecks. You will leave with clear insights into your business model, market avatar, and competition; in-depth strategies for managing your brand, marketing, and communications; and a beautiful design suite to launch those strategies. Take all the guesswork out of investing in your business; know what you need to do and how.

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