From January to March of 2013, I participated in an independent study project with Flip the Media (Flip), a media blog run by students and volunteers of the MCDM program at the University of Washington. During this short time, I served primarily as Content Strategist but also as a writer and editor. This was one of the most exciting classes I took during grad school!

My core duty was to evaluate the content and communication practices of Flip, make recommendations for improvement, and help implement them for future cohorts (classes). I observed that the biggest bottleneck was actually in internal communications and resources, not in outward-facing content. I consolidated the scattered guidance documents into an easy-to-find resource. Flip also experienced a loss of direction with the frequent cohort turnover, so I helped redraft and publicize the mission statement, values, and objectives of the Flip program, contributing to brand consistency through future student generations.

See the final presentation files here: Content Strategy.

As part of this project I also got to attend Emerald City Comicon (as press) and SXSW-Interactive, and I wrote ten articles for Flip.



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